Why Invest in DAIP?

The agro-industrial park is open to willing and interested investors who desire to co-locate agro-processing and agro-allied plants to benefit from the high-rate common infrastructure, utilities and services provided in the park. The availability of adequate, reliable and sustained infrastructure, amenities and services removes the most critical constraint to the start-up, profitability, viability and competitiveness of agroindustries in the state. Therefore, the agro-industrial park provides the favourable investor-friendly business environment suitable for the development of the agricultural value chain. Overall, all agroindustries in the park will enjoy reduced costs and risks and have real foundation for business profitability, investment viability and sustainability.

Agroindustries and agro-allied investments (processing and packaging activities) in the park will benefit from dedicated common infrastructure including internal network of roads, power, water, storage, packaging utilities, waste treatment, logistics, transportation, communication, byproduct utilization, export-import services, training and management services, research and laboratory facilities and security services. The dedicated infrastructure and services will guarantee smooth and uninterrupted operations, ease of logistics, comfortable operational environment as well as protection from operational risks and uncertainties. Moreover, co-locating agroindustries will enjoy inter-firm cooperation and collaboration, mutual learning and multilateral sharing of experiences.