Delta State Agro-Industrial Park - DAIP

Agro-industrialization forAgricultural TransformationEconomic DiversificationJob CreationWealth GenerationPoverty ReductionFiscal Stabilisation

DAIP Goals

Agro-industrialization is a major economic development agenda of the state government, with key goals as follows:
Agricultural Transformation
Transform the agricultural value chains
Economic Diversification
Diversify and integrate the state’s economy
Job Creation + Fiscal Stabilisation
Create gainful jobs for unemployed youths and Solidify the fiscal and revenue base of the state
Wealth Generation & Poverty Reduction
Enhance wealth from the agricultural sector

DAIP Ongoing Works

The rationale behind the agro-industrial park is the integration and harnessing of the agricultural value chain for job and wealth creation.


Agro-Industrial Park, Aboh Ogwashi-Uku

A key strategy of economic diversification, job creation and inclusive sustainable growth in Delta State is the development and operation of agro-industrial parks through public private partnership (PPP).
01 Concept and Design

DAIP is conceptualized as a delineated land-area designated to be an ‘infrastructure haven’ ...

02 Site Selection
DAIP location is at the confluence of two all-season rivers – River Ubu and Iyi-Ada, both merging into a single flow to River Niger. The agro-industrial park covers a total land area of 220 hectares.
03 Economic and Social Impacts
The number of direct jobs that will be created by the agro-industrial park could reach about 3,500-4,000 ...

Milestones Achieved

06 August 2015

Milestone 1

Preparation of Agro-Industrial Park Project Identification Concept together with Initial Exploratory Studies submitted by Office of the Chief Job Creation Officer to His Excellency, the Governor.

06 August 2015

14 August 2015

Milestone 2

His Excellency, the Governor’s Approval-in-Principle for the Agro-Industrial Park Project.

06 October 2015

Milestone 3

His Excellency, the Governor’s Approval for the Working Committee on Agro-Industrial Parks, with Chief Job Creation Officer as Chairman.

06 October 2015

29 February 2016

Milestone 4

Consultancy Agreement for the Conduct of Feasibility Assessments and Business Plan Analysis for an Agro-Industrial Park.